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Formats:  Asynchronous
Level: Intermediate
Recommended Knowledge
Proficiency in SQL
Solid Understanding of PostgreSQL Basics
Experience with Data Processing

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PostgreSQL Advanced Data Management PG-ADVANCED-01

This advanced course is designed for individuals who already have a foundational knowledge of PostgreSQL and wish to explore its more complex features and capabilities. Participants will learn advanced data management techniques, including complex querying, data warehousing, performance optimization, and working with large datasets. Through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, this course aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to efficiently manage and analyze data within PostgreSQL.

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Target Audience:

  • Database professionals and administrators looking to advance their PostgreSQL skills
  • Data analysts and scientists requiring advanced data manipulation and querying capabilities
  • IT professionals involved in data-intensive projects seeking to leverage PostgreSQL's advanced features


  • Completion of an introductory course on PostgreSQL or equivalent experience
  • Solid understanding of SQL and basic database concepts
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL's basic operations and functionalities

Course Duration:

  • Total Duration: 24 Hours (3 days full-time)
  • Mode of Delivery: Online / In-Person / Part-Time

Course Outline: PostgreSQL Advanced Data Management

Module 1: Advanced SQL Querying

  • Complex SELECT statements
  • Advanced JOIN techniques and optimizations
  • Window Functions and their applications
  • Recursive Queries and Common Table Expressions (CTEs)

Module 2: Data Warehousing with PostgreSQL

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing concepts
  • Implementing Star and Snowflake schemas in PostgreSQL
  • Data partitioning and sharding strategies
  • Using PostgreSQL for OLAP operations

Module 3: Indexing and Performance Tuning

  • Deep dive into PostgreSQL indexing strategies (B-tree, GIN, GiST, BRIN)
  • Analyzing and optimizing query performance
  • Partitioning tables for performance improvement
  • Advanced performance tuning techniques

Module 4: Working with Large Datasets

  • Best practices for managing large datasets
  • Techniques for efficient data loading and unloading
  • Using Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) for data integration
  • Managing database bloat and vacuuming strategies

Module 5: Advanced Data Types and Their Applications

  • Working with arrays, JSONB, and hstore
  • Utilizing PostGIS for geospatial data
  • Time-series data management with TimescaleDB

Module 6: Database Security and Access Control

  • Advanced security mechanisms and role management
  • Implementing Row-Level Security (RLS)
  • Data encryption and secure data access

Module 7: Backup, Recovery, and Replication

  • Advanced backup and point-in-time recovery (PITR) techniques
  • Setup and management of streaming replication
  • High Availability (HA) and disaster recovery strategies

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Execute complex SQL queries and analyze large data sets efficiently.
  • Optimize database performance through advanced indexing and query tuning.
  • Implement data warehousing solutions and manage large-scale PostgreSQL databases.
  • Ensure data security and high availability of PostgreSQL databases.

This advanced course is meticulously designed to address the challenges of managing and optimizing databases at scale, ensuring that participants gain the knowledge and skills to leverage the full potential of PostgreSQL in their professional roles.

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