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SQl fundamentals with Postgresql
Formats:  Asynchronous
Level: Beginner
Required Prerequisistes
Basic computer literacy

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Fundamentals of SQL with PostgreSQL PG-SQL-01

This introductory course is designed to provide beginners with a solid foundation in PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source relational database. Participants will learn the basics of PostgreSQL database administration and development, including installation, configuration, and basic database operations. By the end of this course, attendees will have the knowledge to create, manage, and query databases effectively using PostgreSQL. This course combines theoretical concepts with practical exercises to ensure a comprehensive understanding of PostgreSQL fundamentals.

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Target Audience:

  • New IT professionals interested in database management
  • Developers looking to expand their database skills
  • Business analysts and project managers requiring a basic understanding of databases
  • Students and career switchers aiming to enter the IT field

Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy. No prior experience with SQL or databases is required.

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to PostgreSQL
    • Overview of PostgreSQL features and capabilities
    • The role of databases in application development
    • Differences between PostgreSQL and other database systems
  2. Getting Started with PostgreSQL
    • Installing PostgreSQL on various platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS)
    • Understanding the PostgreSQL server architecture
    • Basic PostgreSQL administration: starting/stopping the server, using the command-line tools
  3. Fundamentals of Database Design
    • Introduction to database concepts: schemas, tables, rows, and columns
    • Data types in PostgreSQL
    • Creating and modifying tables
  4. Basic Data Operations
    • Inserting, updating, and deleting data
    • Basic data retrieval using SELECT
    • Filtering data with WHERE clause
    • Sorting and limiting query results
  5. Working with Functions and Operators
    • Using built-in functions for data manipulation
    • Understanding and using operators for data comparison and manipulation
  6. Introduction to Data Relationships
    • Understanding primary and foreign keys
    • Basics of relational database design
    • Simple JOIN operations to query related data
  7. Data Management Best Practices
    • Basic security considerations: roles and permissions
    • Introduction to backup and recovery options
    • Performance considerations for new databases
  8. Practical Exercises and Case Studies
    • Hands-on practice: Creating a simple database and querying data
    • Analyzing real-world scenarios to apply learned concepts
  Course Materials Provided:
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Access to a PostgreSQL server for hands-on exercises
  • List of resources for further learning

This course is designed to set the stage for more advanced PostgreSQL topics and specializations, providing participants with the confidence and skills needed to pursue further training in database management and development.

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