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Postgresql can best be described as a database platform rather than a database server. For decades developers have been taught to create database-independent applications, programming to the most widely implemented SQL standard. With a commercial database, this was a sound approach to avoid vendor lock-in even though many of the benefits of database-specific functionality were given up.

With Postgresql, this is now no longer a constraint. Postgresql is feature-rich, offering many extension and integration points that afford developers the opportunity to create truly unique applications and solutions.

Is anything missing in the course outline that you want to be covered? Let us know. We are happy to customise our courses to suit your needs. For pricing details on Postgresql developer training please see our main site.

Course Outline

  • Installing & managing PostgreSQL
  • Overview of PostgreSQL database
  • Using the psql client
  • Understanding PostgreSQL data types
    • Numeric data types
      • Integer data types
      • Floating point types
      • Serial types
    • Character types
    • Binary data types
    • Date & time values
    • Boolean values
    • Array types
    • Other data types
  • Understanding sequences
  • Creating & managing indexes
    • Understanding PostgreSQL indexes
    • Partial indexes
    • Indexes on expressions
  • Using COPY to load data
  • Working with Array Values
  • Advanced SQL Functions
    • Using Common Table Expressions (CTE)
    • Using Window Functions
    • Using Regular Expressions
    • Using Recursive Queries
    • Writing functions with PL/pgSQL
  • Writing triggers & stored procedures with PL/pgSQL
    • Variables in procedures
    • Performing loop operations
    • The PERFORM and EXECUTE statements
    • Triggers in PostgreSQL
  • Using the PostgreSQL query optimiser
    • Analyzing & optimizing queries
    • Viewing execution plans with EXPLAIN
    • Understanding PostgreSQL query operators
  • Improving query performance
  • Foreign Data Wrappers

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